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Project Description
The CIM Network Modeling Post Processor is a multi-layered tool designed to facilitate the effective operations of a network modeling team, who hold the responsibility for receiving updates to equipment from owners, who integrate, validate, and test the network topology to ensure correct modeling, and create the downstream requirements for internal and external operations. This tool is designed to provide significant layers of automation, workflow management/support, and situation awareness to modeling engineers, in order to improve turnaround time and reduce human error.

The tool reads CIM XML files, performs breaker-to-breaker tracing, contingency generation, one-line topological validation, editing, and workflow management.

This tool is designed to receive a CIM XML standard (based off the CIM v14 standard with custom ERCOT extensions, and uses a back-end database to track one-line designs, models, users, assignments, and system changes.

This code is provided under the MIT license.

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